Arizona Build – Move back to EVIT

The 4 months at the Arizona Science Center was a successful launch of the Great Globe Project.  During this period thousands of people saw the display and visited the production lab and observed the 3D printers.

People from every corner of the globe are now aware of our project and teachers from at least 60 countries wished to have their students participate.  This is just a partial list of countries represented by visitors to the Great Globe Exhibit:

Canada, Russia, Mexico, Equador, Colombia, Venezuela, India, Pakistan, Syria, Iraq, Phillipines, Ukraine, France, England, Germany, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Holland, Italy, Spain, South Africa, Malaysia

We have now moved back into our facility on the campus of EVIT where we will be manufacturing and assembling with the assistance of hundreds of students the state of Arizona.  During our stay at the AZ Science Center our 3D printers completed over 6,000 tiles – 90 panels comprising the entire state.

GG_AZSC2015robots  GG_AZSC2015 GG_AZSC2015_introl GG_AZSC2015audi GG_AZSC2015panel